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Yugioh Shadow High prolouge
Yugioh Shadow High
Twenty years ago
Chapter 0
It's a beautiful day and the Neo Crystal kingdom was preparing for day that they had been waiting for, for a long time. The day that their eldest prince married and at last claimed the throne from his evil uncle. To break away from the ternary that he had place upon the land ever since the queen had died.
The kingdom knew that they were going to have a bright future. However it wasn't to last, for deep in the the shadows of the crimson kingdom there was an ancient enemy of the five princes that is out to destroy Haou and his bride.
Haou was in his room preparing for his wedding when an old friend and the prince of the Crimson Kingdom walked up to him smiling.
“Nervous Haou?” he asked
“No Azariah I am not. I've been looking forward to this day for years.” said Haou. “Every since the day I met Asa.”
“Will the kingdoms be united?” asked Haou's guardian and best friend
“In a way.” said
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Naruto Twist In Time Sasuke's PoV
As I stood beside the Nanadaime panting from exhaustion after fighting the snake, I thought back to when my brother and I last infiltrated the sound village with the other two assassins. He swore that the snake wasn't to be trusted, and I agreed, but because he helped the Godaime in the war and helped end it none of the leaders wouldn't listen to neither one of us.
Not until the day five years ago that Naruto lost his eldest son by Orochimaru's hand. All because he was protecting my own son, because of him Naruto was furious and constantly sent me and the others to find where the snake stayed. And Because I knew the snake better than anyone I was made in charge of the mission to locate the snake at all costs.
However it didn't go as planned and we were attacked while making a plan to capture the snake sannin. The village was destroyed and now the only one left from our class was me Naruto and Sakura.
"If I'm going down I'm taking you all with me!" shouted Orochimaru as Naruto and I att
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Digimon/Inuyasha A Digital Mix1
Chapter One
The sounds of fighting could be heard all throughout the digital world as the six humans that were partnered with the legendary heroes fought with two other humans and six digimon, four of which were the other four of the ten warriors. Appollomon and Dynastmon helped while their human partners battled the enemy's army with friends brought there by Appollomon. They had been lucky that he knew some powerful friends and they were willing to help, but the humans knew that they were being pushed back.
They had to protect the castle and its crystal no matter what it took. However Lowemon knew that they were extremely outnumbered and they wouldn't hold out much longer. They really needed help.
Suddenly there was a blast and Lowemon watched as Kendogarurumon fell through a portal created by the blast.
"Kouji!" shouted his twin brother as Lowemon tried to get to the portal and his brother, before it closed but just as he got there it closed on him. "No! Kouji!" Kouichi shouted as a
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A New Adventure
Chapter 2
As the bus pulled into the camp grounds Tai noticed the clouds that had gathered and he hoped that it wouldn't rain too badly. He didn't want his sister to get sick again. But as he looked at the clouds he realized that there was something different about them than regular storm clouds. At least they didn't look like any he had ever seen. Matt looked at Tai and noticed he was staring at the clouds but he also looked confused.
"Hey Tai you okay?” Matt asked Tai turned to Matt and shook his head.
"I'm not sure. The storm clouds look really strange."
"What storm clouds?" asked Matt looking out the window of his seat, but didn't see any clouds at all. "It's a clear sky."
"What?" Tai asked looking out the window and saw that Matt was right. "I swear there were clouds there."
"I believe you Tai." Matt said, but Tai could tell that he didn't really. Tai sighed as he turned back toward the front.
'What’s going on?' he thought but his expression didn't get past his
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A New Adventure
Sometimes people wish something exciting would happen in their lives. Like they would win the lottery or something major. But I doubt any one would count having digital monsters as partners, as a major life changer, but for me and seven others our lives were never the same. It all started the day that we all met at a camp that summer, twenty years ago...
"I still don't know why I have to go." Yuuki whined, she hated going to camp and this year there were new kids going that year that were totally stuck up. "Oh come on, Yuuki don't be like that." said one of Yuuki’s two sisters, Starla. "You never know you might meet someone you like."
"Please just because you and Autumn met Kouji and Kouichi don't mean that I'll meet someone." Yuuki said rolling her eyes at her other two sisters, both of whom looked exactly like her, but that was no surprise since they were identical triplets. However that didn't matter to Kouji and Kouichi Minamoto, who were twins
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NaruHina~ One Night
Hinata walked through the halls of her house looking for her husband. Though she figured he had gone on another mission and couldn't tell her, she wished he would have at least told her goodbye.
However just then she heard a voice coming from their infant son's room. She walked toward it, prepared to strike whoever had decided to attack an infant when she saw the sllioute of the person in question.
But she didn't know if it was really possible. However she knew it was true when she heard his voice.
"I’m sorry I wasn't here for you when you were born." she heard him say. "Believe me I didn't want to go on the mission Baa-Chan sent me on."
Hinata looked in the room and saw a tall blonde man still dressed in his ANBU gear, his fox mask hanging from his red sash. "But I'll tell you now I'll always be there for you."
"I would hope so Naruto-kun." said Hinata causing the tall blonde to turn and see the midnight color haired Kunochi.
"Hinata." said the man now identified as Naruto. "How
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Naruto Shadow Lands Remembrance
Chapter Seven
Nalika walked down the road of Konaha thankful again that she was extremely skilled in genjutsu and knew well how to change her form for long periods of time. Though she knew that if she ran into someone that knew her well, like Naruto or Itachi, then she would have to leave quickly. Which was why she had sent a clone into the village instead of going in herself to check it out.
She had to find out what was really going on. She had to find out what had caused her to run from her brother and father though she knew that Xanafar knew she was at Konaha he would have a fit. But she had to know, which was why she was going to her family’s shrine.
Naruto looked around after he and Kurama sensed the chakra signal. She had it concealed well and a skilled Nin would have trouble picking it up quickly. But Naruto wasn’t a normal Nin. He still wasn’t sure why he refused to call the alarm about an intruder, but he had a feeling that Nalika wouldn’t h
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Naruto Shadowlands The Meeting
Chapter 6
The meeting
As Naruto Sasuke and Itachi walked into the room where they were having the strategy meeting, Naruto looked around and saw that everyone he had called on was already there. Naruto knew that the best person for strategies would be Shikamaru, and then Ino had to be there along with Choji. Both Neji and Hinata could see far way Chakra’s but Naruto could sense those as well. Still it was only right to bring them into this, since they had helped quite a bit saving Sasuke from Orochimaru. And of course if Neji and Hinata were there so were their teams.
Naruto knew that some of the ANBU’s probably would have been a better choice, but he didn’t know the Black OPs that well, and honestly didn’t trust anyone from them outside Kakashi, who was once apart if them, Yamato, who took over Team Seven when Kakashi was hospitalized, Sai, who he didn’t trust at first but came to know him as a close friend, and Itachi, who Naruto had known since childhoo
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A Lost Memory2
Chapter two
Naruto and the others were running through the trees when Naruto noticed someone following them. Naruto caught Gaara's attention and nodded, they all separated and Naruto created a Bushin to check it out. Sasuke noticed this and he activated his Sharingan causing Sakura to also active her dormant power that she had been storing up since the war ended.
"Sasuke have you noticed it?" asked Naruto jumping back to his friend.
"I noticed that you made a clone what's going on Naruto?" asked Sasuke looking at the blonde.
"We're being followed." said Naruto "I'm not sure by whom that's why I made the clone and had it to check it out."
"Does Kakashi know about it?" asked Sasuke doubting it.
"I don't know I’m going to check with him in a minute. Let Sakura know Gaara's doing the same with Temari and Kankuro." said Naruto and when Sasuke nodded he jumped back to where Kakashi was at to let him know. However Naruto could tell that the Jounin already knew and he was prepared.
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A Lost Memory
Sometimes things happen because they just do. But I never really believed it until the day that it happened. The one thing that changed my life and almost ruined everything that I’ve worked so hard for.
It all started the day of the festival…
Naruto carried boxes through the hall were the dinner was going to be help at the end of the festival. He had invited his friends from the Sand and Cloud villages to come and enjoy the peace that had held since the end of the war four years ago. When the sand siblings showed up he had never expected that Gaara would actually help with everything, but from the moment they three showed up they joined the preparations.
However what really shocked Naruto was what Sasuke confided in him two years after the war and Sasuke had returned to the village
Sasuke walked down the street of his village smiling. He finally realized what had really brought him back to the village. It wasn’t his brother’s request or tryi
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Naruto the next Generations part 6
KAKASHI: Raven anything yet?
RAVEN: Yeah just over there. Azariah can you use your clone and see what is going on?
AZARIAH: Yeah, give me a second.
KAKASHI: [THINKING: I hope the others can catch up to us.] (Just then Naruto Sasuke Sakura Tsunade Sai Yamato and Zidon burst through the trees.) Dang Naruto that was fast
NARUTO: Hehehe, what you'd think I'd be slackin' off?
KAKASHI: Heh. Not at all. Anyway Azariah find anything?
AZARIAH: I-I think so.
RAVEN: What is it?
AZARIAH: Sense a strong energy.
SAKURA: But what could that be?
SASUKE: Naruto are you thinking what I am?
NARUTO:  I think so.
SASUKE: There's only one Ninja with this must power and incredible Chakra energy
RAVEN: Who is it dad?
SAKURA: It's n-not who I think it is, is it?
NARUTO:  It might be though.
SASUKE: He's the only one Naruto.
SAI: Who is it?
KAKASHI: A demon that the four of us faced after the war.
Lady Tsunade you had best go back to the Village and w
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Naruto the next Generations part 5
(Kakashi leaves with the other three while Sakura and Sasuke get to Tsunade's office.)
Random Ninja: Lady Sakura what is it?
SAKURA: Where is Lady Tsunade?
Ninja: inside. (Sasuke and Sakura run in) hey wait!
(Tsunade looks up as Sakura and Sasuke walks in)
SASUKE: Lady Tsunade we have to talk
TSUNADE: I'm guessing it's bad so spit it out already.
SAKURA: some of the Shadow Dragons captured Nika on her way to the Academy. Naruto gathered the other three Ninja that made up his team and the four of them joined us at the Gates. Kakashi was with us as well. however Raven found something of Nika's and he said that their last known location was in the Black hills.
SASUKE: So Kakashi told us to come and fill you in while the others continued to search. but I suggest that you send more ninja with a little more experience than Naruto's team.
TSUNADE: So it seems, I'll send some ninja as soon as possible.
SAKURA: May I make suggestion Malady?
TSUNADE: I suppose so, what do you have in mind?
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Naruto the next Generations part 4
SASUKE: Hey Raven can I talk to you?
RAVEN: Sure dad. (Sasuke walks in and Raven sees his expression and knows something is up) What's going on dad?
SASUKE: I was wondering if you were close to Nika.
RAVEN: You already know don't you?
SASUKE: I have an idea. if it's true you should tell her.
RAVEN: (smiles) thanks dad.
NIKA:(the next day Nika is already in her chair and is notably excited when Marrette walks in with Azariah and Raven, who blushes again) Hey guys
MARRETTE: Hiya Nika! How ya feelin'!?
AZARIAH: Yeah how h-have you been?
NIKA: great a lot better than I have been the last couple of days
MARRETTE: Well that's good.
NIKA: yeah have you guys seen Iruka Sensei?
AZARIAH: Not...not really. Why?
NIKA: Oh Nothing. I’ll be right back
RAVEN: Okay is it just me or is Nika much more happier than lately?
MARRETTE: *Looks up and shrugs* I dunno.
RAVEN: Marrette you think she' acting different? What about you Azariah?
AZARIAH: Just a bit, now that I think about
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Naruto the next Generations part 3
IRUKA: Alright then time to start! (SEPARATES EVERYONE LEAVING NIKA RAVEN MARRETTE AND AZARIAH) You all are with Naruto
NIKA: I knew it.
RAVEN: What?
NIKA: Never mind. I just had a feeling about the test
MARRETTE: Well we better get on it
AZARIAH: Nika are you okay?
NIKA: Yeah I’m fine. You guys go on; I need to ask Iruka Sensei something.
NIKA: (WALKS TO IRUKA) Can I ask you something before the test Sensei?
IRUKA: Nika? Sure what do you want to ask?
NIKA: Is there a reason Naruto asked me to be with him? is it because of the wolf?
IRUKA: I… I… um… Nika, you know the answer to is as well as I. it’s for the best.
NIKA: I see. Then maybe it’s best I don’t become a ninja.
IRUKA: Now Nika I didn’t say that! This won’t stop you from being independent or anything.
NIKA: I… what did dad do when he found out a
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Naruto the next Generations part 2
RAVEN: Hey dad. I’m going to leave here a bit earlier than usual. Okay?
RAVEN: Well me Marrette and Nika is going to be hanging out before the test and everything.
SASUKE: Just don’t miss the test. You’ll finally graduate this year.
RAVEN: I know.
SAKURA: Yeah if you miss that test I’ll get you
RAVEN: Now that scares me. Night.
SASUKE: Night. (AFTER RAVEN GOES TO BED.) Hey Sakura do you think it’s weird that when the three of us were kids we were inseparable and now Raven’s the same with Nika?
SAKURA: Yeah it’s kind of funny when you think about it.
SASUKE: That’s for sure. You know I think that Raven actually likes Nika. And I don’t mean as just friends.
SAKURA: Oh? How cute he has a little crush.
SASUKE: You didn’t seem to think it was so little when we were kids. In fact I’m surprised you and Ino didn’t kill one another over me.
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Naruto the next Generations part 1
SETTING: Nika Raven Marrette and Azraiah were sitting in class when Iruka gave the class a free period since it was the last day before the graduation test. Nika and Marrett were talking to Raven and Azariah about what team they would like to be on when Azariah mentioned that he didn’t want to be on a demon’s team and Nika looked away.
RAVEN: Smooth Azariah
AZARIAH: What? Just my opinion
MARRETTE: You hurt her feelings probably
RAVEN: No probably about it. Nika is a jinchuriki, like Naruto is. Or didn’t you know that?
MARRETE: Better apologize either way.
NIKA: It’s alright Marrette. He’s not the only one who feels that was. (bell rings) I’ll see you guys later
MARRETE: Aw okay Nika
AZARIAH: I’m… I didn’t mean you…
NIKA: It’s fine Azariah. Later. (Nika leaves)
RAVEN: I’m going to walk home. Later Azariah Marrette
MARRETE: Oh bye…
AZARIAH: Yeah I better go too.
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